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Welcome to FreSch! Free Scholarship Search Thursday February 21, 2013


Search for Scholarships Now


The only thing more expensive than getting a college education
is the cost of NOT getting an education.


How to Use FreSch!

FreSch! has a database of over 5,000 organizations and foundations that offer scholarships, representing approximately 450,000 awards. Your first step should be to Search the Database.

To find more scholarships, read all of the articles my Tips on Finding Scholarships, and then use ALL of the other FREE scholarship search services on the web - click here for a list of them!

To improve your odds of actually WINNING a scholarship, I highly recommend reading Bill's Scholarship Applications that Win! and Advice from Debbie and Susie. It's actually a good idea to read ALL of the Advice and Tips articles!

For information on Nursing scholarships and Nursing schools, or for anything about furthering your education, check out http://www.elearners.com

I do not want to lead anyone to believe that "everyone" can win scholarships; that's simply not true. The road to winning scholarships is a long one, and it can be filled with disappointment and rejection more frequently than with reward and satisfaction.

Because scholarships are so difficult to find, apply for, and win, I give you more *real-world* advice, suggestions, tips, hints, tricks, and information than anywhere else on the Internet, written by real students who have won scholarships (and scholarship judges!) all in the hopes of helping YOU improve your odds of winning a scholarship! READ MORE

Why I Started FreSch!

It is my personal belief that education is the responsibility of society, and should be provided at reasonable or no cost to its citizens in order to guarantee the future of that society. The unfortunate truth in many countries, though, is that we have to pay to become educated, productive citizens. Scholarships are a wonderful way to fund an education, and the enlightened persons and organizations that offer these scholarships are to be applauded, supported, and thanked.


Please come back often! This page is always a work in progress. I welcome any additional information, updates and especially corrections and suggestions! I encourage everyone to share their knowledge in the hope that your help may make things a bit easier for other visitors who come to FreSch! for assistance now and in the future.


Spelling and Neatness Counts! Remember to proofread your applications and essays!
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